Evolve Peer Boards

Solent Business Academy is proud to be a delivery partner to Evolve Peer Groups. Evolve Peer Groups exist to enable you to succeed both personally and professionally.

What is a Peer Group?

It's simply a group of likeminded people who understand what it's like to be a business leader. The group shares its experiences and helps individual members develop their business in an open and trusted environment. Each peer group includes an Evolve coaching and development session, where you'll work through a well-developed programme of work books. There will be an exciting guest speaker at selected sessions. These groups are one of the most successful ways to develop yourself as a leader and the growth of your business. You will feel energised, supported and motivated for success.

What does a session look like?

  • Coffee & catch up

  • Individuals discuss the good, bad and mad of their past 4 weeks.

  • Group discusses any particular questions for individuals

  • Guest speaker at selected groups

  • Evolve coaching and development session

  • Create your goals and plan for the next 4 weeks

  • Lunch & discussion

Membership for entrepreneurs and business leaders:

When you become an Evolve Peer Board Member, you join our progressive online community. You'll receive exclusive access to extensive and insightful content, unique forum and unmissable discounted events, as well as affiliate discounts and select online training. This is your opportunity to connect with thousands of likeminded entrepreneurs and business leaders across the UK, who, like you, want to grow and evolve through shared insights and experience.

As an Evolve member you gain access to events throughout the year concluding in the Evolve Business Festival.

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