Executive and Senior Team Business Coaching

Growth Coaching

Discover a faster way to grow your business

Our unique service is dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow faster, achieve their goals sooner and sustain growth for the future. We have built this service with one single goal in mind and that is to accelerate the growth of our customers business.

It is a documented fact that the businesses that engage with coaching and support grow faster and stronger than businesses that just rely on organic growth.

Is this right for you?

If you are questioning whether our service is right for you, we would ask you the following questions:

  • Are you determined to grow?

  • Are you prepared to invest in your growth?

  • Do you have a vision?

If you answer yes to the above, then why not take advantage of being our next challenge.

What can we do?

Some of the solutions we can deliver are spotting new gaps in the market to expand your business's growth, building your order book or assist to create a stronger entrepreneurial culture within your company. We will help you secure your competitive edge and double your business in three years.

Discover - We shed new light on your business

Define - We build a business growth service around YOU. After all it is your business not ours.

Drive - We stay with you on your growth journey.

  1. Do you feel there is a bigger market gap out there but you haven't quite found it yet? We work with you to spot the opportunities and create new improved products and services to secure your competitive edge.

  2. Where is the next big order? How do I grow the order book faster? We help you identify the next big wins and secure them so you can build your business pipeline and keep it growing.

  3. You need to invest, but where do you find the investment? We help you put in a stronger case for investment and uncover new sources of finance. Write bids and grants and introduce investors. Go from dreaming of investment to being an investor's dream.

  4. Build a culture for growth throughout your business. We can provide you with the expertise and funding to get more out of your people and build your own leadership and succession plans.

Our Growth Products

There are two levels of coaching:

Level 1: VBC - £250.00 per month for twelve months

Virtual Business Coach is a new service for start-up and young businesses. Business growth needs a vision, a strategy and some hard actions to make sure the vision happens. Every business needs to be able to see clearly where they want to be and the path they need to take to get there. This service is with a qualified experienced business coach. It is one to one coaching on our bespoke online platform, plus telephone support on a monthly basis. This is a twelve month programme that takes you through a developed and tested process to take your business to the next level.

Level 2: Intensive face to face support

Gold - £500.00 per month for four months

Four half day sessions with one to one coaching with follow up action planning;

Platinum - £750.00 per month for six months

Six half day sessions with one to one coaching with follow up action planning, telephone support of 1 hour per month and 1 hour Skype meeting per month;

Diamond - £900.00 per month for ten months

Ten half day sessions with one to one coaching with follow up action planning and two 1 hour Skype meetings per month plus up to 2 hours of telephone support per month.

Before each of the above start, we meet with the senior team and match the business to one of our coaches with the relevant background, sector knowledge and experience. A detailed scope of support is created and work packages agreed with specific outcomes that facilitate rapid growth..

For our access to finance products it is suggested that a business engage with a minimum of the Gold Coaching before going into this part of our funding programme. This will ensure you are investment/grant ready with all the necessary documentation.

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