Outplacement and Redundancy Support

Recently been made redundant? Are you at risk or under consultation? Are your first thoughts 'Will I get another job?'. Whatever position you're in we are here to help.

Our bespoke Outplacement and Redundancy packages are designed to move you back into work as quickly as possible and to help you secure a career  you love. We have a raft of resources, assessment techniques, opportunities and ideas to help you get back on tack to help you find that perfect career that suits just you.

Solent Business Academy has been providing redundancy and outplacement packages for over 15 years. Our industry experience means that we know what businesses are looking for and our extensive training database and knowledge of recruitment processes allows us to support you back into work providing relevant training and knowledge to boost your current skill set.  We will create a bespoke package for you based on your needs and budget and provide measurable support services to help get you back into work quickly and effectively. With a 90% success rate and extensive industry contacts we will help to ensure your new career is one you enjoy and grow with. 

Let us work with you today to find your future career.