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Talent Centre

Successful businesses are always looking to attract, identify, nurture and engage talent. Failure of a business to not implement a programme where the potential of the workforce is maximised has serious consequence, reduced motivation, reduced productivity, and reduced profitability. Furthermore, failing to identify and develop future leaders could result in losing talent to your competitors. 

Our talent centre works with you to ensure talent is never overlooked or lost again.

Our programme is designed to benefit the employees and the organisation in three easy ways.

  1. Motivational Mapping, diagnostic for candidates during the recruitment stage, or for existing employees during their career. This tool identifies personality types but additionally their current motivation towards the role they are applying for or doing. 

  2. Engagement Multiplier, establish your company's engagement baseline, get guidance that can help you make an impact right away, monitor, evaluate and improve your employees experience and productivity will improve significantly. "The behaviours of highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability" taken from Gallup Workforce Study. 

  3. Resourcing we research and identify, the best courses at the best price for any skills gaps ascertained either from internal appraisals or from the reports generated by the tools above.

  4. Recruitment, Search and Selection. For every 20 employees enrolled on the talent centre we will provide you with a placement fee free regardless of seniority per annum. 

The Talent Centre is an amazingly cost effective way to ensure you attract, develop and retain staff for as little as £25.00 per person per month.

Additional benefits can be added such as a complete LMS portal with over 2000 courses for an extra £5 per person per month. 

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